Become A Vendor Partner

An effective financing partner is a huge asset to any company allowing you to grow and maintain your customer base and focus on selling your equipment. Equipment vendors who have not yet incorporated a monthly payment option into their daily sales routines may be leaving business on the table. The following leasing industry statistics provided by the Canadian Small Business Administration speak for themselves:

  • 85% of all companies lease equipment;
  • 89% of those companies will lease equipment again in the future;
  • 75% of all companies that lease indicate that leasing is their average-to-best means for financing equipment purchases.

Working closely with Easylease allows you to offer all of your customers an immediate leasing & financing option, shortening your sales timelines and eliminating financial barriers to equipment purchases. Not only will offering a low monthly payment option help you close more sales, but it can also help with future equipment sales, by bringing your sales force into periodic contact with the customer for lease renewals and upgrades.

Increase your Sales and Lead Acquisition

Tap into a new market and surpass your competition with Easylease’s vendor program. Easylease will help you create a new lead funnel by giving your customers a Leasing and Financing option.  Through our vendor program, your customers can lease your equipment as a seamless experience with flexible options. This vendor program will help your business gain a new customer audience, handle pricing objections , close sales quickly, increase customer retention, upsell equipment, outperform your competition and win more sales.

Easylease Mobile Leasing App

The Easylease Mobile Leasing APP

As an industry leader, Easylease has successfully worked with equipment vendors and increased their sales by providing tailored leasing and financing options that serve both the vendor and their customers’ needs.

This Preferred Partner Program Delivers:

● Alternative payment options for customers with immediate Leasing and financing requirements
● Eliminates customers’ financial barriers
● Increases customer retention
● Creates new lead funnel
● Shortens sales timelines
● Closes sales in as little as 1 hour
● Offers multiple funding avenues
● Provides complimentary training with a dedicated leasing specialist assigned to your account

A Sales Driven Partner Program

Easylease has designed a partner program that centers around customer service and funding accessibility. This well practiced program promises:

● Funding flexibility through lower competitive rates and flexible terms for each of your customers
● Funding accessibility through Easylease’s strong funding relationships and underwriters
● Fast funding through dedicated customer service
● Reliable tools and resources (offline and online)
● Online E-commerce Sales Tools: Online Quote and Application
● The Easylease Mobile APP allows you to calculate payments, send quotes and apply for credit anywhere

Leasing Online Tool WebLink

More Benefits on Vendor Leasing Programs can be found here: Vendors Products and Services Page

What Businesses Qualify for the Vendor Program?

Equipment distributor, dealer/reseller and/or manufacturer. Easylease finances both both new and used equipment.

Become a Vendor and Experience How Easylease Can Increase Your Sales.

I first met David and his team in 2006 when I was the General Manager of Dell Financial Services. A critical success factor of our business was to provide financing to any creditworthy Dell customer. While we funded the majority of equipment leases ourselves, there were often times when good customers did not fit our credit appetite. Easylease invested in a system integration that made referrals and financing seamless for us and for our customers.

Easylease’s subject matter expertise and relationships with a broad spectrum of funders helped improve our success rate in finding the right financing match for all of our creditworthy customers.

Danny LebovicsDell Financial Services Previously General Manager

Budget Automotive Testimonial

We were experiencing a large portion of turndowns for financing for our customers. After Budget Automotive joined forces with Easylease we have had very few turndowns. Easylease provided us with financing for all types of credit classes. They offer professional, courteous and prompt service.

Joe DennisonPresident at Budget Automotive