Philosophy & Views

Easylease Corp. is a equipment leasing and finance company founded on a set of key principles and values, in order to foster a unique company culture. Listed below are our key corporate values, which we continually strive to uphold in order to make Easylease Corp. a great finance company to work with for our customers and employees alike.

  • Easylease will share our success with those less fortunate by giving back to our community through the local charities we support.
  • Easylease will endeavour to present an example of ethical leadership for the rest of our industry, not only in our words, but in our actions.
  • We will continue to build Easylease through logical, synergistic diversification and continuous investment in our company.
  • Easylease will strive always to surpass customer and employee expectations.
  • Easylease will build a stronger finance company by empowering good people.
  • We will ensure that every member of our Easylease team is well trained, competent and, above all, highly responsive to the needs of each and every customer.




Our goal is to continue developing strong and lasting relationships with our customers by providing an effective and professional service at all times. We will go to extreme lengths to ensure that our customers are happy with the services and support we provide. We strive to earn their trust and respect each and every day, and set ourselves apart through superior service.

Our job is not complete until our customers are completely satisfied with the services we provide to them, and this is why we work hard to offer high lease approval ratios, fast payment and a depth of expertise. Our goal is to continue to add value and to play an integral part in our customers’ ongoing growth and success.

Our Staff

We have tried very hard to develop an environment at Easylease that is professional, committed, focused and dedicated, and yet also meets the personal needs of our employees.

It is our people that make Easylease the great finance company that it is, and this all starts with hiring practices. We look beyond knowledge, experience, skills and motivation when hiring our staff to find good people that can work as part of our team and have values consistent with our own.


As equipment leasing and financing specialists, we are constantly challenged and rewarded through the work that we do as an integral part of our customers’ and vendors’ teams, enabling them to continuously grow and succeed.

We are proud of the work that we do, as well as our reputation as a service provider. If we are to achieve our own goals for growth and success we can only do so by protecting and growing our installed base of loyal, satisfied customers. Providing high quality service not only gives us satisfaction in knowing that we did an excellent job for our customers, it is also paramount to our success, and something upon which we will not compromise.


Those who have been involved in poorly executed financing strategies know it can often take weeks to receive credit approvals, and even longer to execute leases and receive your acquired assets. As a result, your project deadlines are missed, expectations fall short, and costs run out of control.

Well defined and proven lease application, approval and execution processes for a wide range of leasing and financial services ensure that key deadlines are met, and that our clients and vendors know exactly what to expect. We make a wide range of e-business tools and lease applications available to our clients and vendors to make the leasing and financing process seamless to the acquisition of an asset, and also ensure that our talented and diligent staff is at their disposal to resolve any concerns in a timely fashion.


At Easylease, we look at technology as a great opportunity to make the financing process faster and easier than ever before for our customers. We’ve devoted significant time and effort to design and develop e-Commerce applications and tools unparalleled in the industry to give vendors and lessees unprecedented access to asset and lease management information.

Technology is also important to our customers’ businesses, which is why we offer flexible leasing and financing solutions to allow them to stay current with the latest and greatest technology in their particular industry, even under cash flow restrictions.