Leasing Products & Services

Easylease provides a broad range of financial services to businesses.


Online Lease Application Service

To make the process of applying for a lease quick and easy, Easylease offers an online lease application service. Apply Online Now and get a response within minutes for lease amounts up to $50,000! For larger amounts, you may be contacted by one of our expert leasing consultants for additional information.


Online Lease Tracking and Reporting

Easylease offers advanced e-commerce functionality, enabling instant, online tracking and reporting on your leases. This service makes it easier to effortlessly manage your leases!

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Lease Line of Credit

The Lease Line of Credit allows your business to combine all of its equipment needs under a single, pre-approved master Lease Line of Credit. Whether you need $20,000 or $500,000, you may be surprised at how simple it is and how much your business can qualify for. A pre-determined rate will be quoted based on the total value of the Lease Line of Credit.


Combining all of your equipment needs under a Lease Line of Credit has a number of benefits:

  • Rates are lower when applied to the combined equipment cost vs. individual leases.
  • A single credit submission can cover the total amount of the equipment being acquired.
  • Setting your company up with a Lease Line of Credit will eliminate the hassle of having to be approved every time your company requires equipment. You will know well in advance how much you have to work with for the coming weeks and months.
  • Progress payments can be made as the equipment is ordered and deployed over an extended period of time
  • When purchasing equipment from multiple vendors, a master lease or individual lease can be issued so that you are billed only for the equipment you have received.
  • Equipment can be combined under a single monthly payment for easy billing.

Lease Rates

It’s a fact that the larger the lease amount, the better the lease rates and terms.

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Leasehold Improvements

Easylease offers lease financing for leasehold improvements and infrastructure development to qualifying applications, including:

  • Retail chain store remodeling and expansion;
  • Franchise updates and refurbishment;
  • Plant expansion;
  • Office expansion.


Leasehold improvements can increase the value of the property, make it more useful and lengthen it’s life. They are often considered a necessary component of an efficient business operation. Structuring your leasehold improvement costs as a lease maximizes your tax benefits. A common term for leasehold improvement financing is 5 to 7 years, depending on the improvements. You may also be able to use your leasehold improvements to obtain financing at a later date.

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