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Easylease Vendor Financing Partnership

Partner with Easylease, a reputable full-service leasing provider, for all of your customers’ equipment financing needs. Our trained leasing consultants and administrators will handle the financing, so you can focus on selling.

Benefits of A Vendor Financing Partnership:

Easylease Mobile Leasing App

The Easylease Mobile Leasing APP

    • Over 95% approval rates for all types of credit, including A, B and C credit assessment including financing for both established companies and new start-ups.
    • Easylease works with over 30 different funding partners, so you can be sure you are getting the best price and terms available.
    • Your business will be provided with a highly skilled leasing & finance consultant to help you from the moment your customer inquires about financing. Not only will Easylease provide the most efficient leasing solutions and alternatives possible, but having a dedicated leasing consultant and administration staff assigned to service your company allows you to maximize sales opportunities.
    • Easylease will provide your staff with full training in the area of leasing and equipment financing. Our consultants will work with your sales force to educate them about leasing and provide them with the necessary tools to maximize all sales opportunities, regardless of a customer’s financial restrictions.
    • Branded or co-branded documentation, Web Link and Mobile APP with your company’s name and logo can be provided by Easylease and made available to your customers.
    • Professional promotional materials specifically tailored to your requirements.
    • Customized National Leasing Programs to compliment your products and service across Canada.
    • Easylease provides incentive-based programs to qualified vendors.
    • With Easylease’s Quick Pay service, you will receive payment within 24 hours of lease execution and delivery.
    • Toll-free telephone and fax support available via 1-800 numbers accessible from anywhere in Canada and the U.S.
    • Easylease offers fully bilingual staff to support your customers and their requirements.


Easylease offers lower rates and custom lease structures tailored to your customers’ requirements.


Mobile APP and Web Leasing Tools

Easylease offers advanced e-commerce functionality, enabling instant, online tracking and reporting on leases. This service makes it easier than ever before to effortlessly manage your leases!

Benefits of these leasing tools:

    • Instant Online Credit Scoring with printable documentation for immediate lease contract execution up to $50,000 via fax, e-mail or in person.
    • Full, automatic Online Lease Tracking and Reporting of leads and funded transactions, to make sure you have the information you need at all times.
    • Online Lease Calculator with custom rates specifically programmed for your company, to allow you to instantly give your customer the information they need to make a decision.
    • Quick Quote e-Tool that leverages your custom Lease Calculator to allow you to send customers your own lease quotes over the web.
    • Quick Lead e-Tool is an online form that lets you submit only the most basic customer information for credit approval, while the full completion of the credit application is handled by Easylease team.
    • Web Link is designed to enhance your website with a leasing tool that offers an alternative to purchasing. Add a lease button to your website and your customers when visiting your site will have access to the following: Request a Lease Quote, Quick Application, Lease Calculator, Benefits of Leasing and more.
    • The WebLink is equipped with the option to fully brand it with your businesses logo and colours.

Leasing Online Tool WebLink


Become A preferred vendor partner


Group Acquisition Program (G.A.P)

GAP is a leasing program offered through the corporate head office of an organization that allows subsidiaries of the company to acquire their own equipment individually, while maintaining the same benefits of acquiring the assets directly through the corporate head office. IT equipment and software is typically the assets leased under this program. With GAP financing, your customers can avoid the time consuming process of bargaining for the best price. This benefit may be offered to franchises, vendors, agents, insurance agents, sales people and employees in any business.


    • A strategic partnership between your company and Easylease will help you develop and market innovative customized programs to sell your product as quickly and easily as possible.
    • The ability to offer GAP financing will allow your company to enhance your alternative sales approaches by offering creative bundled solutions of hardware, software and labour.
    • Easylease offers exclusive toll-free support for National GAP usage.
    • Easylease can offer preferred group rates for your customers, making you even more competitive!
    • With Easylease, dedicated program management is provided by a group of experienced leasing consultants and administrators.
    • Receive customized activity reporting on monthly leasing volumes.
    • Enjoy the benefits of full GAP. Program marketing support, including ongoing reporting and assistance with developing any promotional materials you require to help your customer promote the program to franchisees or employees, and ultimately increase your own sales.


Further reduced rates and flexible terms are easily obtainable under the GAP program.

Private Label Financing

Easylease provides Private Label Financing programs to a variety of vendors and manufacturers. We will design a program around your unique requirements, with a smooth rollout and implementation backed up by our leasing expertise, innovative products and high quality services.

Captive Finance Solutions – Outsourced

For the Financial Institutions business segment, Easylease provides a turnkey private label financing solution to enhance your current flow through business. Not all credit types fit within your credit model: let Easylease provide additional financial alternatives which in turn will increase your business and customer retention.
Easylease’s assigned Account Manager will support your sales channel and help increase sales volumes. Our staff are dedicated, experienced sales professionals who become a part of your financing team, assisting in the delivery and execution of financial solutions to your customers and backed up by a dedicated inside sales support team. These professionals possess the industry experience and know-how to be totally responsive to both the needs of the customer and your sales team.

Complimentary Vendor Resource

Download the Easylease complimentary equipment vendor success guide.

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