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The information collected in connection with this credit application is required by EASYLEASE Corp., (including its agents, potential and actual lenders on whose behalf EASYLEASE Corp. may act and other companies to whom EASYLEASE may assign all or part of lease/loan) (collectively "EASYLEASE") for statistical analysis and credit/lease purposes, such as:(i) to assess and process this credit application; (ii) to administer any loan/lease if approved; and (iii) to enforce any obligation owed by any debtor, lessee or guarantor. The principal authorizes EASYLEASE, now or in the future while this application or a subsequent credit application is pending, or if approved, the loan/lease outstanding, to collect, use and disclose for credit/leasing purposes, additional information about the principal and the principal's credit worthiness, from the principal and from and with third parties such as references; personal information and credit reporting agents and bureaus; and other institutions with whom the principal may have financial dealings. *Provision of a SIN is optional. Providing it helps us distinguish one individual from another and it facilitates this credit application.
I authorize Easylease Corp to perform a personal credit check as per the terms above. *
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