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Offer your customers better payment options – it’s easy

Integrate financing into your sales process

July 27, 2022

Your Customers. Our Financing Program

Easylease™ custom Vendor/Dealer programs are proven to increase sales while helping your customers with their buying decisions.

Offer your customers better payment options – it’s easy

When a prospective customer is interested in what you’re selling, you don’t want there to be anything that keeps them from making a purchase. Adopting financing into your typical sales process and offering options upfront can help relieve customers’ concerns about payment. It can also help you close a deal faster. Our Vendor/Dealer partners not only sell more business, they increase their margins and greatly improve sale cycle times.

Offering financing is a good business decision

Your customer only has two options when purchasing your equipment – pay cash or finance. Don’t let your competition get the upper hand. Finance with Easylease and we will provide the best terms for your customer.

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Our proprietary Mobile App and Easylease Express™ portal will give you the tools you need to increase your sales and make it easier for your sales staff to sell more and your customer to acquire the equipment they need.

Become a preferred Vendor/Dealer and learn how we can increase your sales.