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Not all leasing companies are created equal

Take a closer look at our vendor programs

July 27, 2022

Not all leasing companies are created equal

Just because you’re offering leasing, doesn’t mean you have the best program for your business. We can help you increase your business with a well planned and properly executed Easylease vendor program.

Increase your sales by as much as 25%

Why Easylease?

Easylease offers products and services that our competitors don’t. Here are just a few examples:

Easylease Express Portal

By using our portal, your customers will have quick and easy access to financing.

Easylease Mobile App

Your sales team will have easy access to monthly payments and quoting tools for your customers.

Cross Border Leasing

We offer financing in both Canada and the U.S. We also pre-fund 100% to the U.S. vendor prior to cross border delivery.

Pre-Funding Vendors

We can pre-fund vendors up to 100% prior to delivery. We can finance the required up-front deposits and pay the vendor.

National Leasing Programs

We offer national leasing programs for larger vendors Canada-wide with both French and English requirements. With our bilingual B2B technology, we can help streamline the process.